Our Strawberries.

The secret’s in the soil…

Growing strawberries is definitely a matter of taste, and flavour has been our top priority since we planted our very first crop.

We’ve been farming the land since 1952, learning all of its secrets to help us get the best flavour out of our favourite varieties, nurturing every plant from season to season. 100% of our fruit is grown in the soil and we believe that’s what makes the difference – no grow bags in sight.

The ideal coastal conditions of our farm, overlooking the historic town of St Andrews, do some of the work too. Lots of Scottish summer light and a long, cool growing season allow our berries to sweeten to perfection.

There’s no such thing as an easy way as far as we’re concerned. That’s why we like to roll up our sleeves and pick every berry by hand to bring you only the tastiest fruit we can grow.

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